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How to Reduce the Risks When Taking Kratom

July 4, 2013
Kratom Flower

Kratom Flower

Kratom or mitragyna speciosa is generally agreed by users and experts to be a fairly safe drug, at least within the bounds of safe usage.  This is something that may be said of many other substances on the market, such as coffee and even peanut butter (since peanut allergies are nearly as common as the actual product itself is on store shelves).  As such, it is simply users’ responsibility to ensure that they use kratom within the guidelines of safe and smart usage, particularly as outlined by their primary care physicians and in the advice below.

The first thing to note, when one wishes to take kratom safely, is that one should evaluate one’s own physical condition or circumstances prior to taking the substance.  It is a basic rule of all herbal usage: those with special conditions, e.g. pregnancy, grave diseases, and the like need to stay away from the herb until the condition’s term has passed or until they have the permission of their primary care physicians.  Those who feel weaker than usual or compromised in some way should simply avoid psychoactive substances on the whole, as these can have stronger or adverse effects in such cases.

Drug interactions are another thing to watch out for; most psychoactive substances do not mix well with each other, so avoid stimulants and depressants entirely when taking kratom (as it is both these things).  Although there have been anecdotes of successful mixture of kratom with liquor, nicotine, and even caffeine, the general wisdom is to avoid even these legal substances, as some people have also reported negative reactions.  A particular point of importance is to never combine kratom with MAO inhibitor drugs, as kratom has monoamine alkaloids.  While there have yet to be any cases of this happening, it can reasonably be inferred that the combination will produce a gravely dangerous reaction: MAO inhibitors and monoamines have never gotten along, to put it mildly.

The final basic rule (but not the final detail, take note) of smart usage of kratom is to test the substance.  Different people react differently to the substance, just as different strains can have different effects on the same person.  Test kratom at the lowest active dose before taking more and do increases incrementally.  This way, you can figure out your threshold of tolerance as well as whether or not you have allergies.

Inform yourself of the primary concerns that might arise with kratom usage and discover in the process how to deal with them or dodge any possible problems, primarily through safe use guidelines and a little common sense.


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